Our philosophy is simple:
Food as Fuel to Color Your World.

We love simple. Easy home cooked meals. Lots of colorful fruits and vegetables. Nutritious products with clean labels. But cutting a pathway through the clutter can be hard work and we need your help.

Nutrients are important. Using the nutrition label or recipe analysis, we check protein, fiber, sodium, sugar, and saturated fat.

Ingredients are important. We look for recipes developed by our HueChefs made with whole minimally processed ingredients and we look for packaged foods with fewer additives.

Behaviors are important. Making time to cook at home is best but we know you need other more convenient options.

And finally the pattern is important. At the end of a day, it’s the sum total of individual choices that determines the pattern. The more variety you bring into your day, the better.

So we envisioned a pattern for a good food day based on nutrients, ingredients, and behaviors. Then we developed a tool to assess how well a product or a recipe compares to that pattern on a scale of 0 to 7.

We sum the scores to get a final value between 0 and 7. The higher the number, the more we approve and we need your help to test it out for us

That’s it!

Try It Now!

Think of your plate as a colorful canvas.

“This is Your World. Color it or someone else will.”

– Monica